Monday, March 18, 2013

Choosing the Right Boat Motor

There are a number of systems and options available to you. Are you interested in AC, DC, or engine driven? First talk with your Chicago financial advisor to make sure that you are in a good financial position to afford a new or used boat motor. There are also numerous choices regarding components, modules, condenser designs, and unit cooling (air or water). The right system for one sailor may not be the right one for his friend even for the same vessel. It depends on the type of boating undertaken, where the boat will operate and what other onboard equipment is in existence or will be installed. We have itemized some of the main considerations when choosing each type of system. Naturally, this is only a guide, but it will help you focus on the type of system you, as an owner will need for your style of boating. Even if you have something like a pontoon boat from Manitou Pontoon Boats: you still may need a heavier engine.

Before discussing types of systems, let’s look at dual and single cold plate piping when used with two separate condensing systems. When dual piping is in use, each system has completely separate controls and gas circuits. In short, if one fails the other will not. Most clients favor this total redundancy. However, the downside to this is the extra running time to pull down the plates as only half of the available piping is used. Knowledgeable clients choose the single piping plate method as they can repair the system should a gas leak occur. When installing a single cold plate, circuit system with two separate condensing units, either AC or DC supporting the engine driven system, special attention must be paid to the design along with certain check valves and other components fitted to ensure long reliable service. We have achieved excellent results over the years by testing hundreds of these systems, but for the novice, the separate circuit may be the best way to go as the extra pull down time is offset by the peace of mind.

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