Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cold Drawn Supplier Featured!

English: Bar Graph illustrating the Change in ...
English: Bar Graph illustrating the Change in Productivity within the Manufacturing Sector of industry in the United States, 1987 - 2010. To what extent could declining Manufacturing Productivity suggest a trend of deindustrialisation? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One company that I am quite close with was recently featured in a monthly newsletter, and they got great reviews! You can check out their June article and read it for yourself! They were noted for continuing an impressive growth in an industry that most people do not consider to be healthy. The manufacturing industry has beaten and battered over the years across the United States, but they continue to show great numbers and their workforce continues to expand!

For the most part, they make steel products like cold drawn bar and wire. Hopefully it's businesses like this one that help turn around our economy!
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