Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IPTV World Forum 2006: the role of broadband in content delivery

From 6-8 March 2006, the IPTV Forum at Earls Court in Londonbrought together a mix of telcos and TV and content executives, and with them a view of the content offers intended to drive IPTV towards commercial success. The key message from the Hollywoodstudios to the telcos was to focus on successful IPTV and VoD marketing strategies. The telcos' message for the studios was to "soften" their attitude towards telcos' entry into the content delivery space and to increase their confidence in the telcos' ability to execute successful digital rights management (DRM). The main interest lay in the message each industry had for the other in the context of what do content providers/studios want? And what is the telcos' IPTV experience to date in dealing with content providers?

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